A Christian School expelled a girl after she posted her birthday cake online. They said it had rainbows on it and that they weren’t going to stand for that homosexual behavior.

A Kentucky highschool freshman was kicked out of school after posting a photo of her with her birthday cake online. 

Kayla Kenney, 15, had just finished celebrating her 15th birthday when she received a letter a few days later telling her she was expelled because of her homosexual conduct and symbolism online. 

Her mother, Kimberly Alford had posted the photo to her social media and school officials managed to find it. She told WAVE3 news:

She was happy, she looked beautiful. You know, of course as a mom, I took her picture of her blowing out her candles and I posted that on my page

The school stated that the photo:

demonstrates a posture of morality and cultural acceptance contrary to that of Whitefield Academy’s beliefs.

Kimberly said that there was absolutely no gay agenda, or special meaning behind the photo, and they weren’t trying to incite anything when the photo was taken; it was just a cake.

They said not only did she have a homosexual symbolism cake, but had a homosexual symbolism t-shirt.

Kayla received this letter a few days after her birthday, from Dr. Bruce Jacobson, the Head of School at the private Christian school Whitefield Academy:

The school stated that they had previously talked to her about what they consider to be homosexual tendencies, like wearing rainbows.

The school rules states that behavior outside of the school must match the school’s beliefs.

The tuition at the private school, Whitfield Academy costs $7,800 a year. 

The school has refused to meet with the Kayla and her family, but agreed to remove the “expulsion” so it doesn’t show on her permanent records, but she’s still expelled. 

Kimberly stated:

‘[Kayla] loves to laugh and dance and that’s just her. There was nothing intended by that and even when I went back and got the receipt from the bakery, it didn’t say anything about representation, it just said assorted colors.’

She continued:

I feel judged, she feels judged, just very devastating for us. You know we teach our kids what would Jesus do, What would he do here?

Kayla now attends a public school.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:36 am

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