After Chris Sail’s continuously says he never laid a hand on his girlfriend aggressively, video of him admitting to hitting his girlfriend has now been released.

Thousands of men, and for some reason thousands of women as well believed that she was lying and trying to blackmail Sails. After being arrested and his lawyer getting out of Jail for beating his girlfriend because of “false charges”. Sails posted this video

He swore on god, his son, his life, and put his word on everything that those things never happened, and he never laid a hand on her.

In fact, as this article is being written, we’re on his page he just released a video recounting what “really happened/the truth”, here’s the video of that,

Here are people believing he never laid a hand on her in his videos

Now, just an hour ago, (he hasn’t noticed yet, extremely ironic), this video has been anonymously released by one of his friends

Another woman who asked to be believed, and was called a liar. Now, out of his own mouth, without knowing he was being recorded, admits he put his hands on her. So if anything was made up, it’s obviously him as he told multiple lies, from his version of the story, to the point of aggressively swearing on God and his Son.

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 8:13 pm

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