Chris Brown’s rape accuser gives full details about what happened during the rape. Click here to skip to the bottom of the article for Chris Brown’s response.

Chris Brown was recently accused of raping a woman in Paris and arrested. He’s currently being detained. The alleged rape took place at a luxury hotel called Le Mandarin Oriental.

The 24 year old model has come forward to give details on exactly what happened.

The woman goes by the pseudonym “Karima”. Karima told the Closer that she met Chris Brown at the Le Mandarin Oriental at around 10:30pm on January 15th.

Karima then said she was tired and wanted to return home after hanging out with Chris Brown and his crew. After mentioning she was tired, they convinced her to go back to the hotel room with them.

She said they went up to his suite. Once inside his suite, she says she went to the bathroom and Chris Brown followed her and he

“catches me by the right arm. He makes me enter a sort of dressing room. He closed the door … it lasted 25-30 minutes.”

She said the rape was “Brutal and violent”, and also says that she was also then abused by one of Chris Brown’s friends and also his Bodyguard.

Karima says she went to the police 2 days later. She said she was scared to report it at first, but ultimately didn’t want Chris Brown to do the same to other girls.

A source told TMZ that Chris Brown was never alone with the girl, and that Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Ammika Harris was in the hotel room the entire time.

Others are saying that Ammika wasn’t in Paris until two days after the rape took place, and that she was in Germany and couldn’t have been at the Party.

Here’s Chris Brown’s Response to the allegations, he just posted on IG:

His first caption was a lightbulb,

He then edited the caption to say,

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:04 pm

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