A Chinese woman who was about to be raped pretended to have Corona Virus and scared her would-be rapist away. 

Xiao, 25, broke into a woman’s bedroom in the city of Jingshan in China.

He then launched himself at the woman in an attempt to rape her. 

The woman realizing what was happening, decided to think fast and started to cough aggressively.  

The man became startled and slowed down in trying to take her clothes off. As he slowed down she stated that she was in self-quarantine and had just returned from Wuhan, the city in which the Coronavirus is said to have originated.

She started directing her coughs at him and tried to block her mouth with his hands and squeeze her throat so she’d stop.

He must’ve realized that wasn’t a good idea as she just kept coughing on his hand. The suspect then turned around and fled, stealing 3,080 Yuan, about 440 dollars on his way out.

The incident took place in the town of Pingba, on the Outskirts of Jingshan, which is a 3-hour drive from Wuhan.

The Jingshang Public security bureau stated that Xiao had just run out on his family that very night, had no money and no place to stay.

The victim was named as Yi by the police. When he broke into Yi’s home, he saw her lying there and decided to carry out a sexual assault. 

Yi called the police immediately after and they launched a manhunt. The police admitted the investigation was hard because most of the residents were wearing facemasks to protect themselves from the virus.

Xiao eventually turned himself in the early hours of Monday, accompanied by his father. He’s now been detained. 

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 4:38 pm

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