6 years ago a man abducted a little girl China.

The girl was about 14 years old when she had an argument with her brother and left her home.

She left her Zhumadian Henan province home in 2012. Her relatives didn’t inform the police that she had been missing then.

The victim, unnamed, has been reported to have mothered three children after being raped by the captor and his son.

The man, only identified by his surname “Deng”, has been charged with only rape.

The South China Morning posts reports that the child the captor fathered with the victim is now about 4 or 5 years old.

The captor’s son also raped the 6 year abducted victim and he fathered 2 children by her. She gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, who are reported to now be about a year old,

If you were wondering where was the mother during all of this, she was serving a 4 year sentence in prison for economic crimes she had committed the year before the abduction. The father had left the family years before his daughter, the victim, ran away from home.

The mother, Li Ailing was released from prison in 2016, and learned that her daughter had been missing for 4 years. She started a search and started posting missing-person flyers around the city.

In January 2018, she was putting up flyers in front of an apartment building when a woman in worn out clothing clothing who smiled at her while walking by, she said she immediately knew it was her daughter.

She was reportedly held captive in this apartment complex.

The daughter didn’t recognize her. She did her best to get her to realize who she was. She pulled her daughter in closely and begged her to look closely at her face.

The daughter finally called Li, “Mom”.

But the daughter refused to go home with her. When asked why she kept saying the word, “Children”.

The mother went to the police and returned to the apartment where she had found her daughter. When the police entered the home they found the 3 children.

Li was finally able to take her daughter home. At home she started noticing signs of trauma, had trouble communicating with others, and giggled when she was alone.

Li said the daughter was able to tell her small bits of what happened to her; like she was abducted immediately after leaving home in 2012, and was held captive there until she gave birth to twins.

What happened first was, the mother tried numerous times to get the captor to be prosecuted with abduction, but she had no success in proving her daughter was abducted. (Deng was not yet arrested for rape. at this time, the mother didn’t know who the father of the children were.) She finally agreed to a settlement that would have Deng’s son marry her daughter, the victim. At the time of the agreement which the police brokered in July 2018, Li said she was still unaware of the exactly of how her daughter got pregnant, and called off the marriage arrangements, and that she didn’t know the children were the captors and his son.

Li said,

“Considering my daughter already had three children, I decided to give in and marry her to the family, until she told me the father undressed her, too,”

She found out when her daughter managed to tell her through broken words that the captor undressed her as well. She then took that information to the police, and that’s how the captor was first arrested for rape.

When the police ran a DNA test which confirmed her suspicions, and Deng was then arrested for rape, they later ran tests that revealed that his son was the father of the other two children.

Li said,

“At first I could not understand how my daughter could become a schizophrenia patient within six years. She was only 14 (at the time of her abduction). How could she handle this?”

The daughter revealed more, as she said she was undressed in the presence of Deng’s wife, and when she tried to escape she was beaten badly, which made her afraid to leave again.

Since January, the victim has not seen her children as Li didn’t take them with her.

It’s been reported that the children are still living in Dengs apartment, but it hasn’t been revealed who’s taking care of them.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:16 pm

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