Chinese doctors that contracted the Corona Virus woke up with their skin extremely darkened after the Virus damaged their liver.

Dr. Yi and Dr. Hu were left critically ill and fighting for their lives after they contracted the Corona Virus.

To their surprise they woke up with a skin abnormality while fighting the virus.

The abnormality stems from hormonal imbalances after their liver was damaged by the virus.

Here are their photos before and after the change:

They were seen being revived in a clip released by Beijing satellite TV.

Dr. Yi beat the virus after being hooked up to life support for 39 days.

Dr. Hu’s health has been reported as weak. He was bedridden for 99 days, and put on ECMO for 45 days.

ECMO is an extreme life-support procedure that replaces the functions of the lung and heart by pumping oxygen into the body from the outside.

Updated: May 4, 2020 — 12:59 pm

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