A Chinese beauty who streamed for men was exposed as a 58 year old woman. It turns out she was using technology that changed her entire face during videos. The technology glitched mid-stream.

The woman, who was known as “your highness Qiao Bi Luo” on the Chinese streaming platform “Douyu”, had 130,000.

She managed to rack up $14,000 from her followers after promising she’d meet them in real life.

During a streaming session with a co-host, the tech she used to change her face glitched, revealing who she was.

It turns out she’s already a 58 year old woman known for playing the video game “Apex Legends.”

After the glitch her co-host looked shocked, but continued to stream pretending like nothing happened.

Here was her face before she noticed the video glitched,

She covered her face with an animation after noticing the glitch, which she then turned off because it was too late.

Here are photos of her with the filters,

Here’s a video that shows her fake face in action during streaming sessions:

She noticed the glitch after her followers started leaving in masses, and unfollowing her.

But she didn’t fumble the bag. The incident made her even more famous as she amassed more than 650,000 followers and the numbers are still growing. She originally had 130,000.

There’s no news of her returning the $14,000, or anyone reclaiming the money, and she’s currently making even more money and getting more donations.

Fans flocked in complimenting her on her looks, saying she looks very young for 58 anyway.

The old and new subscribers are also impressed, wondering wondering how she was able to pull it off, and what technology she was using.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:08 am

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