China proposed allowing foreigners to get “green cards” to ease residency for them. Chinese people took online to oppose the bill, mentioning how they feel about black people.

In the past few months a bill allowing to foreigners to have permanent residency was proposed.

People are calling Chinese reaction to the legislation hypocritical because they’re allowed permanent residency in African countries, while also having colonization tendencies, and their mistreament of natives in those countries.

The first time it was proposed a few months ago Chinese people took to Weibo, a popular social network in China, and trended a hashtag while speaking on their fears of black people.

It was brought up again this month, and they took online again to speak on why they feel giving black people residency would be a bad idea.

They mentioned things like interracial dating between Black men and chinese women. Saying things like they’re afraid black people would rape Chinese women, or give Chinese people aids.

Here’s a view of the videos:

They also had the hashtag trending on Twitter for a while as well, with many Chinese people sharing that they don’t want black people in China, while using the N word.


Updated: April 4, 2020 — 2:16 am

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