This week and last week, many outlets released news saying the DNA reports that charlamagne released supposedly to clear his name, the actual report specifically shows that no DNA testing was done at all with what was provided. He released this, and people mistook this as “The DNA didn’t match.”

A 2 page report was published by @thestarreport, showing that blood and saliva was collected from the victim, but were NEVER analyzed for DNA at ALL, with no semen found on the body due to a condom being used. A condom was used, so you cannot identify sperm, hence “no semen” “no spermatozoa” identified.

Jessica Reid was only 15 when she claims Charlamagne, real name Lenard McKelvey, plied her with alcohol and raped her at a house party.

Charlarmagne tha god was arrested on July 2, 2001 and charged with “willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously engage in penile/vaginal intercourse with a fifteen year old female child.” McKelvey took a plea deal and the case was closed after Reid stopped cooperating with police.

The report does not indicate whether blood or saliva were collected from McKelvey. So no DNA was ever actually analyzed to clear his name, the uploading of the reports by him mean absolutely nothing, since nothing of significance was ever actually analyzed.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:14 pm

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