Cardi B worries fans after she tweets about wishing she was dead

Cardi B posted a tweet about wishing she was dead, worrying fans that she might be suicidal.

Cardi has been through a lot in her life, and the past years.

Fans think her recent tweet might signify a cry for help for her mental health.


Cardi B took to Twitter and posted “Wish I was dead”.

Fan say she immediately deleted the tweet in seconds after posting it:

Fans are believe it’s either because of Offset’s cheating, or recent arguments on Twitter she had trying to prove she’s black/mixed black:

Someone made this tweet which set her off:


Cardi responded by saying:

The woman responded saying:

And it continued:

She deleted all those tweets as well.

Cardi B has also spoken about having Post Partum depression this year.


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