Cardi B took to IG live today to speak about a few things that came out about her family.

She first spoke about people harassing her entourage, publicists and make up artists. Saying people were going to their accounts and leaving comments there and starting fights.

Someone recently reported that Cardi B’s mom got into a fight with someone, and the person beat her up. Many people went to twitter at the same time saying they saw Cardi’s mom fight, lose the fight/get beat up.

She also spoke about a video that was released a few weeks ago, where someone claimed it was her sister Hennessy snorting cocaine off of a white man’s dick. A lot of people believed the video because Cardi B was involved in a lot of cocaine rumors herself, and a past roommate of hers took to social media saying Cardi B definitely did drugs and cocaine when they lived together/when she used to be a stripper. People acted disgusted at the video saying things like “Why did I just see Hennessy/Cardi B’s sister snorting cocaine off of a white man’s dick on the tl”.

Here’s the video of Cardi B speaking on the matters:

We can’t post the video or link of the woman sniffing cocaine off of the dick because of nudity, but you can find the video on twitter.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:57 pm

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