Cardi B releases statement on her Drugging Men then Robbing them.

A video of Cardi B admitting that she used to drug men and rob them went viral. Cardi B releases a statement admitting it’s true, and explaining it.

Someone posted a video on twitter about something Cardi B admitted that she did. The video went viral saying that Cardi B is an evil woman, while others were saying if a man had admitted to have done those things they’d be in jail right now.

In the video she admitted that when she was a stripper, to survive, she had almost no options, and one of the things she did was convince men to have sex with her, she’d then drug the men when they got to the hotel room, then rob them men of their items.


Here’s the video:

Cardi B took to twitter to write a long message about the situation, here’s her apology:

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Here are some reactions under her post:



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