Cardi B is currently trending after she filmed herself having Diarrhea, blasting Diarrhea sounds into the toilet as proof that she’s not lying about canceling her meet and greet.

Cardi B has reached a newer level today after fans said she really has no shame.

She filmed herself on IG live blasting her toilet with Diarrhea.

When she arrived she gave her fans a tour of her huge hotel room.

She ran from one room to the other saying she couldn’t hold it, then blasted on in the toilet, and asked fans if they could hear it.

She posted it to prove that she couldn’t come to the meet and greet in Ghana.

Here’s the video:


Fans are now saying she has no shame, and can’t believe she actually blasted diarrhea sounds on live.

While some tried to sympathize with her saying they understand how it feels like to have Diarrhea overseas, others say she definitely didn’t have to film herself having diarhea on actual camera.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:43 am

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