Nicki Minaj described how Rah Ali beat Cardi B up on her show Queen Radio. Cardi B Responds to her.

Nicki Minaj made fun of how Cardi B was beat up by Rah Ali, saying

“Rah [Ali] really beat Cardi’s ass bad. You went home and told people security hit you, and we let that ride for legal reasons.”

She said Cardi B went home and told people that security hit her, and that she lied “I guess because she wanted to look like a gangster”.

Here’s the audio of her describing how Cardi B got beat up

–Rah really beat Cardi’s ass bad, i’m not tryna be messy. Rah beat you so bad that I was mad at Rah, I’m talkin bout the punches were so hard, Rah held her head and punched her like idk it was like 8 9 10 times like BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP–

Cardi B after hearing what Nicki said, took to IG to respond, here are the videos

Updated: October 27, 2019 — 7:32 pm

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