Burger King comes for Kanye Kardashian’s MAGA Weave in a series of tweets. Twitter making memes and dying of laughter.

Burger King made twitter come alive after throwing shade at one of their competitors and Kanye at the same time.

McDonalds, Burger Kings’ number one competitor seems to be Kanye Kardashian’s “Favorite restaurant.” Burger King took the opportunity to throw shade at their competitor implying that “those are the type of people who’d like McDonalds.”

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Here’s what Kanye posted.

Burger King then proceeded to rip Kanye Kardashian’s Maga weave straight from the follicles.


They then said

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They’re referencing this Kanye Tweet, where he said his eyes are now wide open after breaking from trump/maga and politics because he felt he was being “used”.

They proceeded to say this after the tweet blew up,

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