Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez who has already decriminalized marijuana in Brooklyn, now wants to decriminalize prostitution.

Eric Gonzalez, who already went through with wiping out 1400 warrants in weed possession cases and 2 dozen past conviction cases, says he now wants to tackle prostitution.

On April 4th Gonzalez told a forum sponsored by Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn “I believe in decriminalization.”

Gonzales told the forum that he wants to make Sex Work legal, and is taking “fresh look” at the issue. (view it from a different perspective.

He said his goals obviously doesn’t include sex trafficking and pimps.

He said:

“I’m actually interested to hear a little bit more [about] the work towards legalization and whether that makes sense”

Gonzales took note from some women groups at the forum who were opposed to the legalization of sex work, saying that it may work in the favor of sex traffickers and have them get off the hook if they found ways around it.

His office currently handles prostitution in a soft manner.

He said those who are arrested typically get a desk appearance ticket and are required to complete a service with a social service group.

Gonzales said:

“There is no prosecution. No one goes to jail,”

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:48 pm

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