An LA judge has ruled that Usher must hand over his medical records. A man, that’s decided to stay anonymous in the trial, has accused Usher of exposing him to the virus, including details of his doctors, treatments, and insurance providers. The accuser claims he and usher had a sexual encounter at a spa.

The man – ID’d in court papers as John Doe – has been gunning for Usher’s medical records for several months, and a judge recently agreed and told Usher to provide “verified supplemental responses” ASAP in exchange for the man dropping his motion to force Usher to do so, according to court docs.

The judge gave Usher a deadline of the end of this month to provide his medical records.

We may be able to guess on our own after the results of the trial whether Usher is guilty of exposing the male accuser to herpes or not, but we may not know as usher may be able to provide the records under seal, and anyone who leaks the information will be in violation of a court order.

The anonymous man’s case is set for court in February 2019.

Updated: August 11, 2018 — 7:35 pm

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