BREAKING: 6ix9ine has been arrested by Federal Authorities.

6ix9ine, his recently fired former manager, and two of his former associates have been arrested by the Federal Authorities.

6ix9ine and former associates have been arrested on Racketeering charges. Law Enforcement reported that 6ix9ine was arrested by ATF agents in NYC. The agents also took in his former manager, “Shottie”.

The other person who was arrested was Faheem Walter, “Crippy”, who got shot during an altercation with 6ix9ine’s label last week.


Racketeering, often associated with organized crime, is the act of getting involved in a dishonest and fraudulent business dealing or offering a service to solve a problem that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

The investigation was a join effort between  ATF, NYPD and Homeland Security. All 4 of the men are being charged with Racketeering and firearm charges.

It’s being reported that 6ix9ine “will almost certainly” be going to jail, as this violates his probation of 4 years that he was given about 2 weeks ago, after he plead guilty for doing a sexual performance on a 13 year old girl who was nude, where authorities say he,

“behind the child making a thrusting motion with his pelvis and smacking on her buttocks.”

He’s said to have touched the child in other ways as well. The Judge warned him to stay clean, or he’d be going straight to jail.

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The story is developing, and people are standing by to see what happens to him on these federal charges, and violation of his probation.

UPDATE: 6ix9ine is facing 6 counts, 2 counts have a sentence of Life in Prison, one of the charges is for Discharging a Firearm while committing Crime.



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