Boosie who people continue to defend through a series of other topics, has something to say about Black Women.

During his rants and opinions about the LGBT community, and other family matters like how he raised his children, a bunch of people agreed with Boosie saying things like “I don’t know why people mad he’s right.”

Boosie now has a new target to continue to make y’all look stupid, and that’s “black women being bitter.” And that’s a topic people who are often wrong get into.

Boosie took to IG to state how bitter, evil and jealous Black Women are of black men.

Here’s his post on IG:

Now people who follow him are looking stupid in his messages trying to explain to him why he’s wrong:

And people who argued for him before are trying not to look like clowns by still trying to show him love:

Updated: June 21, 2020 — 4:15 pm

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