Blackfishing: White Women & IG Models are being exposed for being white All Along, Trying to be Black Women

White women and IG models are currently trying to become more beautiful by using makeup to turn themselves into Black Women, and a lot are currently being exposed for having been White all along.

There’s something currently happening, where White women are being outed for having pretended to be Black Women all this time. The term given to them being exposed is “Blackfishing”, and the term is currently trending on social media networks like Twitter.

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White women are being exposed for using every single method, from makeup, to extreme tanning, getting their hair braided, cornrows, locs, all sorts of black women hairstyles to try and become the originators for of the IG baddie culture, and to look beautiful, here they are,


Emma Hallberg, Swedish Instagram figure:


she included her boyfriend as well, who wears black men hairstyles and is trying to look like a black man,

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Mika Francis

Jaiden Gumby














@lottietommo (Louis Tomlinson’s from 1D’s sister)




These are just some of the IG models and white women. they’re turning their skin completely dark to mimic black women, and using Black women culture, hairstyles and makeup to try and become like the Black Woman.

This list will continue to be updated.


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