Black women mad after Chris Brown’s new song says he “only wanna f*ck black b*tches with the nice hair”

Black women listening to Chris Brown’s new song are currently mad that Chris Brown says he “only wanna f*ck black b*tches with the nice hair”

Chris Brown, known for going after a very specific type of woman, has said something new in a song that angered the black women listening.

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This isn’t the first time Chris Brown has said things that alluded to black women, while at the same time insulting them.

In past music videos, he spoke about “All his bitches having real hair.

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He also made posts bout a certain type of women’s hair that are very short:

In his new song “Need a stack”, Chris Brown word for word says:


Only wanna fuck the black bitches with the nice hair Baby

His past mixed Black girlfriends:


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