A black woman who helped her community was gunned down in her own hair salon after reporting people who tried to steal hair bundles from her salon.

Known professionally as Madam D, Destiny Harrison, 21, was an entrepreneur who was well known and loved in her community in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Even the police were confused as to how this could’ve happened.

On December 10th Harrison pressed charges against 2 people who she caught stealing merchandise in the back of her salon.

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In her written testimony, Harrison states that when she demanded her property back, one of the suspects held her down while the other stomped on her.

The suspects fled with $3000 worth of hair bundles.

Harrison told a court commissioner that she knew one of the suspects had a dangerous criminal background and she was scared for her life. 

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The couple was charged with assault, theft and burglary. 

On December 21st, the police were dispatched to MadamD Beauty Bar on North Milton Avenue and found Harrison shot in the head.

No one has been arrested for her murder yet.

Here is the Gofundme her family created to help with her funeral. 

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Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:40 am

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