A black woman has scammed her way into the hearts of MAGA supporters, and managed to get thousands.

A black woman on twitter pretended to be a conservative, and told twitter republicans that her black people aren’t supporting her and she’s trying to get education to become great and learn more about how great white people and republicans are.

She started out by making the following post,

The post took off with republicans rushing to her post and flooding her with support.

She then put out her CashApp and got countless donations from people to fund her education.

She then made a post saying that her parents have cut her off because of her MAGA ways and they do not love someone who supports Trump and have stopped paying her university tuition. She put out her CashApp again so that they can fund her education even more and created a Gofundme.

She later made a post saying it’s getting worse, and directed people to the Cashapp in her BIO saying she’s now homeless, putting “Homeless romantic” in the BIO. She then made a new post where she got countless donations saying that her parents have now disowned her and she’s homeless.

She managed to rack up $150,000.

She just got outed about 1 day ago and she took down the GoFundMe page.

After people outed her, she explained saying it wasn’t stealing because Republicans aren’t people to begin with.

One of the best parts about this is, before even beginning it, she wanted to prove that trump supporters would “suck anybody’s d*ck” because they want to prove terribly that “even black people like trump”, she wanted to see how far they’d go, she made this post,

So she just put on a MAGA hat, and started out on her journey, and her “BlacksforTrump” post took off.

The woman posted on her Twitter account that she returned all the money she’s received in the end.

Updated: May 14, 2020 — 5:30 pm

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