An Army veteran has lost her eyesight after getting tased in the eye by cops.

Tanisha White from Winnfield, Louisiana, is currently in the hospital with many broken bones, after she says she asked police for a ride home.

Tanisha says she was at a friends house, and she called a police car, something she says she’s done many times before, so they could give her a ride home.

She wasn’t arrested for anything that has been made public yet, no cuffs were put on her.

Tanisha White has been in the hospital for 4 days now, and has learned that she will not be seeing out of her right eye anymore.

She says there must’ve been a misunderstanding. When the Police stopped, she says they brutally beat her, and left her with broken bones, then took out a taser, and tased her on her face, and in her right eye.

She said,

‘It’s already hard living day to day, I have to stay with my parents you know, so this is just going to make my life even harder,’

Tramika Coleman, Tanisha White’s sister received the call on Monday night that her sister was in the hospital with broken bones and an injured eye.

Tanisha says,

“I was in extreme shock… The information that the officer had given me was that she fell and hit her face on the concrete,”

Tanisha is an Army Veteran who suffers from PSTD, anxiety and depression.

The Police are currently investigating the attack.

Updated: October 18, 2019 — 2:43 am

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