Black Twitter pulls receipts of Shaun King using different people passing away to sell his book after he uses Chadwick Boseman to sell his new book. Shaun King responds.

Shaun King, who is allegedly a white man who’s been accused many times of scamming the black community, is under fire again.

This time people noticed that when someone who’s important in the community passes away, he sends emails out to try and sell his books.

People have been accusing him for years of making profits off of the community using activism to make a living.

Here’s the email that was sent out:

He also blocked the man and many others who called him out.

People pointed out that he also has done this a few times before:

He replied to the allegations saying:

He of course got dragged quickly and people are saying that isn’t true:

Updated: August 29, 2020 — 11:36 pm

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