Black twitter is currently exposing white men who are racist, and are in interracial relationships.

A lot of people use their black friends, and black relationships to say things like “I’m not racist I have black friends”, or “How can I be racist, my girlfriend/boyfriend is black”.

What a lot of people don’t know is that relationships you may have with a black person, whether it be romantic of platonic, in no way stops you from being racist.

A few men are currently going viral for being racist and being in interracial relationships, and a few more are being exposed.

Here’s the post made on Twitter,

He was telling people on a page to get over slavery. He has a brother who’s also in a relationship with a black woman.

The man made the comment on a public page, and said a lot of racist things about black people and the different people there.

Here’s the man,

Black twitter found out he works for the Asurion, and are currently contacting the company to show them how racist he is, and ask if they let racist people like him work for them.


Another man they found is Kyle Hogan, who left this comment on a public facebook page,

Black Twitter is exposing his racism as well and is currently trying to find out where he works to expose his racism.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:53 pm

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