In an effort to help people buy black, a Black man has launched a delivery service for black-owned restaurants, where people can purchase directly from black restaurants.

A black man named David Cabello, who says he was kicked out of several schools as a kid, found his calling.

David entered a College Connection program that helped him get into college. But in his sophomore year, when trump was elected he dropped out.

David had always wanted to help his community and after dropping out he worked for a few different black-owned businesses. He worked a fledging Black-owned bookstore and helped turn the store around. During the time he taught himself e-commerce on Shopify.

He then worked for several months for different delivery services. He was so good that he managed to get $1000 in a 40-hour workweek once.

That’s when it hit him. He could use the skills he learned from e-commerce, his delivery expertise, and his passion for the black community and bring that into one.

In 2018 David focused on learning how to create websites and learning different skills that would help him run and launch the site.

Before he was about to launch, he suffered and Ankle injury which set him back for 50 days.  After he recovered he was able to launch the website, Black and Mobile in February 2019.

He was having a tough time getting customers and getting restaurants to join at first, but with some hard work, he managed to get a popular black-owned restaurant called “Country Cookin” to give him a chance.

Now David is looking at hiring around 50 people and has launched a Kickstarted to raise $100,000 to help expand the business.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:05 am

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