A video of a black man getting called a “f*cling n*gger” at his hotel over the phone by a white woman going viral. The woman then comes all the way to his hotel to meet her family that’s already staying there, and he rejects her from staying at his hotel. She continues to apologize over and over in a sad voice, saying her grandmother just died, and the family staying there start begging him to let her stay.

A black man posted a video of a white woman confirming she called him a “f*cling n*gger” over the phone.

The woman then comes to the hotel, apparently having family there, and begging the man to please let her stay.

The man kindly says no, she can’t stay.

The woman then starts giving excuses about her family member dying and how she’s going through a very hard time. Her daughter joins in with zero sympathy about the racism, and focuses on trying to get her mother in disregarding the racism completely.

Here’s the video:


After handling it kindly, the man says it was time for him to clock out anyway around 30 minutes later, and let them continue having an attitude by themselves:

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:42 pm

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