In 2009, a white cop killed a black man during a traffic stop. The Judge cleared him of any wrongdoing. Now, in 2019, a black family who was hunting for houses found a KKK application inside one of the houses. The house belongs to that same white cop who killed the black man in 2009.

Rob Mathis and Reyna Mathis were hunting for houses to purchase together.

Mathis and his wife were trying to purchase a house that would give them enough space for their children and grandchildren, and accommodate their future. They thought the five-bedroom home they viewed on Wednesday in Holton, Michichigan, in a small town of fewer than 3000 people would do well, and were ready to make an offer.

But their ideas of the town and the house changed when upon entry, they found a Confederate flag placemat on the dining room table, to which Mathis reacted:

“I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if this was a Klansman’s house?’”

When the family and their real estate agent went upstairs to check out the bedrooms, Mathis and his son saw a plague that contained a yellow aged document. When they approached it they noticed it was an application to join the KKK.

Mathis wrote in a post on social media:

Mathis told MLive in an interview:

“It was basically also telling me that he only [wanted] whites only to purchase his home. People who had that type of hate in their heart, he wanted those people.”

Mathis’ wife Reyna said that she and her family collect memorabilia from the Detroit Red Wings and the University of Michigan because they are proud of those affiliations, and can’t understand how he would keep those items if he “doesn’t associate with them” as he said.

Reyna said:

“I was just angry, and my daughter started asking questions and she’s only 12,”

In response to Mathis’ post, the Local government made a public post stating:

“after a social media post was brought to our attention accusing an officer of being in possession of certain items associated with a white supremacy group.”

They stated that he was:

immediately placed on administrative leave, pending a thorough investigation.

The homeowner is identified as a 48-year-old white officer named Charles Anderson.

Anderson happens to be an officer who was pursuing 23-year-old Julius Johnson during a traffic stop on September 23, 2009.

According to the investigation in 2009, Johnson allegedly beat Anderson in the head, which Anderson said prompted him to pull out his gun and shoot Johnson because he was in “Fear for his life”.

Tunisia Phillips, Johnson’s sister, told investigators that she heard her brother beg for his life before Anderson shot him. The prosecutor later cleared Anderson of wrongdoing and then charged his sister Tunisia Phillips with “lying” to police. People took to the streets to protest Johnson’s killing.

Eric Hood, the president of the Muskegon County chapter of the NAACP, has now called for a thorough investigation of Anderson and how he deals with Black people, and other people of color. He stated:

“We want a thorough investigation to be sure that when he goes out there and puts on that uniform and performs his duties as an officer that he’s being fair and impartial,”

There’s no word yet on whether or not the 2009 investigation will be reopened.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:08 am

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