Bill Cosby has Stale Hot Dog Bun Thrown at him and Falls Down the Stairs on First day of Prison, and more.

Bill Cosby reported to have fallen down the steps on his first day and someone threw a “Stale hot dog bun” at him.

On his first day at Pennsylvania prison, Bill Cosby was allowed to make one phone call to Camille Cosby, his wife.

According to an Exclusive Radar Online source, Camille said that he was being mistreated. Camille reportedly said:

“He said he had a stale hot dog bun thrown at him and he fell down a few steps because he wasn’t being guided.

He’s now reportedly under the watchful eye of officials, but told Camille:

“They took my cane, tie and shoelaces because they think I will harm myself.”

Bill Cosby being legally blind, said they took his cane away because they’re afraid he’d Self Harm, and he reportedly wasn’t being guided, and fell down some steps.

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Bill Cosby is currently serving his sentence at Montgomery County Correctional Facility for 3-10 years for drugging and sexually assaulting woman.

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Cosby was also reported to have told his wife to hire everyone possible to get him out.

Cosby’s lawyers made a public announcement yesterday that they’re going to file for an appeal.

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