Bhad Bhadie goes on rant. Says y’all don’t promote her Rap Music because she’s WHITE.

Bhad Bhadie (Cash me outside girl) went on a rant, implying y’all some RACISTS, saying “y’all like these other female rappers and promote them but not me because I’m WHITE.”

The girl who people say became famous off of stealing black culture and black mannerisms says the public doesn’t like her because of her race.

She took to her IG to rant about her songs not doing well.

Danielle Bregoli, stage name Bhad Bhadie, also known as the “Cash me outside” girl, became famous after the phrase she said on Dr. Phil went viral.

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She then took the opportunity and became a rapper to try to cash in on her new fame.

She took to IG to rant about how everyone supports other rappers because of their “Style” or because they’re pretty, but no one supports her because she’s “White”.

Here’s her rant on IG:


She then quickly made another post to make sure she doesn’t get into any kind of beef with other black female rappers.

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People are currently mocking her, and telling her her race has nothing to do why she lacks support.

She took down the posts from the IG Story and said:

“Not the first time I’ve said some dumb shit . I was just in my feelings earlier over sum dumb shit.

Don’t mind me . Back to bizness”


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