Bears’ Charles Leno has Proposed to his White Girlfriend. List of her very Racist Tweets are Pulled up.

Bears’ Charles Leno proposed to his girlfriend yesterday on the field.

After a win over the Packers, Charles Leno proposed to his girlfriend Jennifer Roth on the football field,

Some fans are saying that he tap danced with joy straight into her heart.

After the proposal, her old tweets magically popped back up and were brought to light, where she made fun of black people, made fun of dark skinned black men, used the N word multiple times, and showed a specific racist fetish towards black men and mixed children.

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The tweets were leaked on an IG page after the proposal.

It seems that she tried to delete it beforehand, but someone kept copies and made sure to keep them for a special day.

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Charles signed a $38 milion contract last year.


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