A battle rapper is under fire for insulting opponent’s daughter and wife because they’re dark skinned, he focused his entire verse on it and went into detail.

A battle rapper named Georgio Casper showed how deep colorism still runs even when people try to be quiet about it.

A lot of things go in battle rap, but this one specifically set a lot of people off and was considered out of pocket though there are people who defend it.

The rapper went into detail on how, because his own girlfriend and daughter are lightskin, they’re more desirable and they’ll live a better life. 

He also mentioned that the daughter looks like her father, so she’ll have to struggle in life, showing that he has an understanding of exactly how colorism works. What’s even more concerning is how he mentioned the girl should be treated because she’s darkskin, from being trafficked, to being assaulted.

Here’s the video:

People were amazed at how much he actually went into detail, and how well he articulated colorism and how it works, but was still able to side with it.

Updated: May 4, 2020 — 12:57 pm

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