Baby dies after parents leave her in hot car for 16 hours. They say they forgot.

A baby girl died after parents left her in a hot car for 16 hours. It’s reported that the parents are devastated. They say they forgot.

A family from Missouri is mourning the loss of their child.

Joseline Eichelberger, 11 months old, was found dead in a car Sunday. Police said she had been in the hot car for 16 hours.

Joseline was supposed to be celebrating her 1st birthday this weekend, but was reportedly forgotten in the car.

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Not many details were reported about the death, and no arrests have been made.

Barbara Beckett, a friend of the family, shined a little light on what may have happened by saying that the parents may have told each other to go get the child, but  neither ended up going, “mistakes are made”:

“You have two young parents, one telling one to get the child and the other telling the other. You know, mistakes are made.”

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Lily Bellfiel, the baby’s cousin said:

“Her smile, like, when I hugged her, she would always say ‘aaah’ and stuff like  was that.She so loveable.”

Police say they’re questioning two person’s of interest, but no arrest has been made yet.


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