Azealia Banks ranted on a post that called out Deray and Twitter Ceo Jack Dorsey for allegedly being in a relationship, saying he’s been poppin’ his Bussy for twitter Ceo Jack Dorsey in sexual activities in exchange for being used and controlled by Dorsey as the face of Black Lives Matter on Twitter.

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Alright here we go:

Azealia Banks has been banned from twitter countless times, but she always manages to get a new account and give back to the people in abundance through her personality.

This time, someone brought back tea from 2016 when she says she got banned again from bringing up the alleged relationship between Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and famous activist Deray Mckesson.

Here’s how the post started today:

If you don’t know, “D.O.T” means “Disciple of Tamera”, who once said that people refer to her as a “White man’s whore”, the man in the post is also referring to himself as a fellow disciple of Tamera.

We continue:

“Bottoming” for those who don’t know means:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:31 am

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