The Audio of ASAP Rocky testifying in court has been released.

ASAP Rocky testified in court and gave his accounts about what happened the day he and a few other friends jumped a teen in Sweden.

Rocky, who says he lives in Beverley Hills so other Black Lives are not his concern, posted videos on his IG to try and prove that he was being followed by the teen before jumping him, stating that the teen and his friend were harassing his group.

The teens say that ASAP Rocky’s bodyguard physically harmed them first which is why they were following Rocky’s group. He said Rocky’s bodyguard picked him up and lifted him by the throat.

That footage has recently surfaced:

ASAP Rocky, who says he isn’t Al Sharpton and doesn’t care about what Ferguson has been through now made an emotional plea in court, pleading for everyone to understand that he tried to the fight

Prosecutors believe ASAP Rocky– who said Darkskinned Black Girls look bad with red lipstick/bright lipstick colors, and then stated “that’s how black girls are” when they reacted in anger– picked up a bottle and hit the teen in the head with the bottle.

Prosecutors in court just show a message from Rocky’s assistant that said:

“Harlem came out and smashed a bottle on a person.”

Prosecutors are saying “Harlem” is Rocky.

Prosecutors also showed another message from his assistant that reads:

I hope Rocky deleted all the videos on his phone and kept only the one.”

Update: A$AP just made an emotional plea to the court and the judges, saying:

“I have spent a month in Sweden. This is my 5th or 6th time here. I have seen the most beautiful architecture. And the not-so-nice things … what I want is justice. I want my name to be cleared. Justice for all of us.”

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:08 am

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