The lawyer who represented ASAP Rocky in Sweden was shot in the head.

Henrik Olsson Lilja was shot leaving his building in Stockholm.

The lawyer represented ASAP Rocky in Sweden when he and his friends were accused of assaulting a teen in Sweden.

The teen he assaulted wasn’t happy with the results of the case and asked for a retrial after the court decision.

Prosecutors said Rocky and his friends should spend 6 months in jail based on the evidence and the violence used.

So far no connection has been made to the shooting and Rocky’s case.

It’s reported that Lilja was still in the building when he was shot. The shooter then jumped into an SUV and escaped. He has yet to be caught.

Lilja was shot in the head and chest. His condition is still unknown. The story is developing.


It’s been reported that the incident had nothing to do with ASAP Rocky’s case. The shooting had to do with a domestic dispute with Lilja and a woman close to him. The woman is now in custody.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:00 am

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