Fans all over are attacking Ariana Grande for the death of Mac Miller.

Mac Miller had issues with Drug abuse recently. After his Breakup with Ariana Grande, he wrecked one of his cars, a G-Wagon, on a utility pole. He was arrested for DUI and tried to flee the scene. He confessed to police later after they’ve managed to catch him. Ariana Grande tweeted “Pls take care of yourself” at the time. Ariana Grande made it clear on facebook that his substance abuse that went on 2 years, was the reason for their break up. He was pronounced dead today, Friday September 7th 2018 of apparent drug overdose.

Because of this, fans all over have started attacking her, blaming her for his death saying it’s because she broke up with him. Ariana Grande just disabled a bunch of IG post comments because of everyone attacking her.

You can also see “Comments on this post have been limited” on each post. These come from different posts as well, each time she closes one, they go to another.

She’s currently continuing to make a bunch of IG posts private.

Updated: September 8, 2018 — 3:08 am

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