Anti-vaccine mothers say they’re suffering as Black people did in the 60s, saying they’re suffering “Segregation” and this is the “New Civil Rights Movement”. They sang “We Shall Overcome” at the capitol building.

A group of mostly white women at the California State Capitol protested their “right” to have their unvaccinated children inside public schools.

The women shouted “No segregation, no discrimination, yes on education for all!” as they protested.

The women, who are reported to be mostly from wealthy neighborhoods, continued to use Civil Right Era chants and wore T-Shirts with those phrases on them.

Kamlager-Dove, a member of the California Legislative Black Caucus said:

“This is misappropriation of a movement that really is not over and proves to be challenging to overcome. The whole conversation around vaccinations is actually one about privilege and opportunity. It’s a personal choice. It’s a luxury to be able to have a conversation about medical exemptions and about whether or not you think your child should be vaccinated.”

The women were protesting the new legislation that’s taking aim at medical exemptions to childhood immunizations. California eliminated personal beliefs and religious exemptions four years ago, which was a way for most people to avoid vaccinations.

Now, following the measles outbreak in the country, California is taking aim at parents who are deeply opposed to vaccinations. The parents are going as far as to get doctors who feel sympathetic for them to prescribe vaccination waivers to their children.

Christina Hildebrand, president and founder of A Voice for Choice said:

 “The Legislature is equating it to the black civil rights movement but to me, civil rights movements have happened throughout our history in the U.S.To me, do I think it is comparable to MLK and the civil rights movement? I think we’re probably in the beginning stages of getting to something like that.”

The women sang “We Shall Overcome” – a gospel song chanted the Civil Right’s era – at the California State Capitol, while saying they were experiencing discrimination.

The new legislation and restrictions target schools with less than 95% immunization. Doctors say that’s enough to achieve “Herd immunity”, and anything below that would be a risk making children more vulnerable to measle outbreaks or exposure to other diseases.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:00 am

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