Amid the news that Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion, fans found an old post from one of Tory Lanez’ ex girlfriends where she stated her life was at risk, and described the type of person Tory Lanez was.

Back in 2017, Tory Lanez’ Jamaican ex girlfriend came forward to let people know her life was in danger.

At the time her IG handle was Brihannana, and the story didn’t get much traction and faded away when she tried to tell the public.

She said Tory publically humiliated her in many situations and was continuously abusing her.

The woman also posted text message proof of the allegations.

Here is her full post:

“I never once disrespected him until today when he pulled up at my house uninvited (second day in a row). I have moved on and he has refused to accept it: “If i can’t have you no other n***a can” and at this point i feel my life is at risk. Never in my life have i felt so scared, as i type this tears are running down my face because i know i’m not the only one going through this. It took a lot for me to make this public, but i know a lot of women has lost their lives because they simply didn’t speak up, and i refuse to be a victim. Today i’ve decided to speak up about a situation that is threatening to me, as i don’t know what he’s thinking and i don’t know what to expect.”

(Sorry about the quality of the screenshots, they’re the only version we could find from years ago, and it seems her cry for help keeps getting deleted)


The screenshots allege how abusive he is, and how much he stalked his ex girlfriend to the point she feared for her life.


The screenshots all instances of the screenshots she released, including screenshots of those screenshots that people took and uploaded themselves have been, and are being taken down by someone. All the multiple evidence we linked to has been removed by someone it and seems this is something someone is trying to silence and make disappear.

Updated: October 13, 2020 — 2:09 pm

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