A 75 year old man molested a little girl, and said she seduced him.

Cornelus Bezuidenhout, the 75 year old man, told the police that a 6 year old girl that he molested seduced him.

The man, a father of five, who’s originally from South Africa, but who now lives in Melbourne Australia, befriended the parents his niece’s friends.

Cornelus from then on had repeatedly molested the child. He frequently picked her up from kindergarten, and took her to the park, and played with her in her room with dolls.

He told the police that the 6 year old girl knew what she was doing, and was really asking for it. He said she showed in her actions that she wanted what he did to her, and was inviting it claiming she also made moves on him, later stating “she needs to know her boundaries”.

There was an occasion where he went as far as to touch the girl while he was dining at the table with her parents. Cornelus claims to be a true Christian man, and a man of god. His wife has filed for divorce, and he plans to remarry.

The 6 year old was forced on the stand in court, just a few days before Christmas last year, and recounted the things he had done to her to the court.

Cornelus pleaded guilty to two charges of sexually assaulting a child aged under 16.

He told the police,

This little girl should know boundaries because she’ll get herself into trouble.

The Judge told Cornelus,

You knew what you did was wrong – you blame the six-year old victim

She sentenced him to a mere 22 months in prison, less than 2 years, with a non-parole period of less than 10 months.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:55 pm

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