Amber Guyger was found guilty of murdering Botham Jean, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years Wednesday after the jury found her guilty of murder in the shooting of Botham Jean.

The Jury took less than an hour Wednesday deliberating the verdict.

Guyger was facing a sentence for 5-99 years in prison. The defense asked for a lighter sentence reserved for those who were not likely to commit the crime again.

Prosecutors asked for a sentence of no less than 28 years, one year of punishment for each birthday Botham Jean’s family would have celebrated Sunday had the man not been murdered because Jean would have turned 28 last Sunday.

People on social media are currently disappointed that the sentence wasn’t long enough, especially with Guyger’s racist texts, and a racist Pinterest page of hers that surfaced.

The Pinterest posts included the picture of a military sniper with text that read:

“Stay low, go fast; kill first, die last; one shot, one kill; no luck, all skill.”

Guyger’s racist text messages to her work partner who’s she’s married to were also read aloud in court:

Rivera texted in March 2018 to Guyger:

Rivera: “Damn I was at this area with 5 different black officers !!! Not racist but damn.”

Guyger: “Not racist but just have a different way of working and it shows.”

Last year Guyger also texted with another officer about Dallas’ Martin Luther King Jr. parade:

Officer: “When does this end lol,”

Guyger: “When MLK is dead … oh wait …,”

And two days before she shot Botham Jean dead, she texted with someone who had adopted a German Shepherd:

Dog owner: “Although she may be racist.”

Guyger: “It’s okay .. I’m the same…I hate everything and everyone but y’all.”

The community was hoping for at least a 25-year sentence based on the racist evidence, and her conduct leading up to, and after the shooting.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:58 am

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