Amber Guyger, who killed Botham Jean last year has been found guilty of murder, courtroom reaction has been released.

Half a dozen law enforcement officers filed into the courtroom this morning anticipating the verdict in Amber Guyger’s case.

The jury found Amber Guyger guilty of murdering Botham Jean.

After deliberating for several hours yesterday and pausing at 5pm, Jurors continued deliberation this morning at 8:30am after being told by the judge they can consider “Castle Law” to determine if Guyger was in her right to shoot Botham because she “Truly believed she was in her own house” according to the defense.

Guyger was facing two charges, a manslaughter charge and a murder charge. For Jurors to find Guyger guilty of murder, the state was supposed to prove that Guyger “intentionally or knowingly” caused the death of Jean. For the lesser charge of manslaughter, the state was supposed to prove that Guyger “recklessly” caused Jean’s death. Guyger was originally charged with only manslaughter, the charge was upgraded after protest from the community.

Guyger, having been charged with murder now awaits sentencing. She faces 5-99 years in prison.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:58 am

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