“Not all cops” LMAOAOAOOAOAOAO a recent video showed two cops pushing an old man who fell to the floor and cracked his skull. The two cops were suspended, and all 57 cops resigned from the response team to show support for those 2 cops.

A video recently went viral of an old man approaching police officers to allegedly return one of their helmets.

When the old man approached, one cop urged them to “push them back”, resulting in two cops shoving the old man down.

The old man fell, hit the back of his head on the concrete and started bleeding from his ears.

The back of his skull was also allegedly broken.

Here’s the video if haven’t seen it.

The two cops were were suspended without pay.

It has just been reported that all 57 police officers have quit the emergency response team in support of the two police officers that cracked the old man’s skull.

The officers are still employed as cops.

To make things even more interesting, for people who can’t seem to get police d*ck out of their mouths, here’s a police officer from that same incident who kneeled with protestors the day before he told the two police officers to push the old man:

Updated: June 5, 2020 — 5:17 pm

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