After the Documentary on R Kelly raping/molesting young girls aired, fans, celebrity names in the Industry rose his albums to the Top on iTunes and other Charts

The documentary on R Kelly, “Surviving R Kelly’ aired yesterday.

The documentary that was meant to expose the type of R Kelly is, for people who definitetly knew before, seems to be having the opposite effect.

The documentary spoke of how R Kelly used to use his power to take advantage of young girls.

The docu-series is on-going, and featured people who were close to R Kelly.

One of his back up singers, and others spoke about how they saw with their own eyes R Kelly having sex with, raping 15 year old underaged Aaliyah.

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They were direct witnesses who opened the door and saw him raping her.

It should be mentioned that whether or jot he tricked the public into letting marrying a 15 old little girl, marriage, especially an illegal one still doesn’t legally allow forba 27 year old man to have sex with a 15 year old girl, it’s still rape.

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After the first episode of the documentary aired, while there were many people against R Kelly, it seems it was just the same amount who were always against him before and nothing has really changed.

His albums are currently still rising much more, and have made it to the top 100 on iTunes and other charts.

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