Dallas Police officer shot killed Botham Jean in his own his. Amber Guyger, the police officer, claimed she entered the house after mistaking it for her own. She claims that she gave warnings to Botham Jean in his own house, and he wouldn’t listen, and she killed him.

During the investigation, they got a search warrant for Botham’s house, and there’s a “story developing”.

With the search warrant they found:

2 fired cartridge casings
1 laptop computer
1 black backpack with police equipment and paperwork
1 insulated lunch box
1 black ballistic vest with “police” markings
10.4 grams of marijuana in ziplock bags
1 metal marijuana grinder
2 RFID keys
2 used packages of medical aid

There are multiple news sources that posted this, criminalizing and demonizing Botham, making him look like he’s a terrible person in this situation, trying to people to cool down about Amber Guyger, the police officer who killed him, giving her a “Break”.

Lee Merritt, attorney for Jean’s family, had this to say:

“I think it’s unfortunate that law enforcement begin to immediately criminalize the victim — in this case, someone who was clearly was the victim that has absolutely no bearing on the fact that he was shot in his home. I would love to see more information coming out about the warrants executed on the home of the shooter who lived just below him. I haven’t seen any of those. And particularly for it to be on this day the day that we remember and celebrate him… to see the common assassination attempt on the victim that we often see in law enforcement involved shootings.”

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:04 pm

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