Journalist Adam 22 says he was told what happened at the party between Megan and Tory.

Megan Thee Stallion went to Kylie’s house party to hang out.

According to Adam 22, a few sources who are close to the group told him Megan and Tory have been dating for a little while.

The source told him that it isn’t clear who started flirting with who, it was either Kylie who started flirting with him, or Tory who started flirting with her, and Megan got mad at the attention he was giving her.

Some fans point out that though it might seem unlikely they were dating, or that she was mad, Megan seemed annoyed at him in the pool.

He says Megan and Tory got into an argument, and Megan started “really violating Tory”,

Here’s the video where Adam 22 spoke on it:

Updated: July 23, 2020 — 4:55 pm

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