A woman who falsely accused a man of raping her cries in court after she’s told she’ll face jail time for false allegations.

Laura Hood filed  a report that had two men locked up for rape.

One was against a taxi driver, and the other was also an innocent man whose name was not mentioned.

Hood, 27, who works as a law firm worker claimed that Haroon Yousaf, 29, assaulted her after a night out.

Hood said that Yousaf, while driving her home, stopped the car and raped her.

Yousaf was arrested in front of friends and kept in custody for 20 hours after Hood filed the complaint.

A second innocent man was taken into custody because he had a similar registration plate, and was kept in custody for 14 hours.

The police said that it was the “clearest possible example” of perverting the course of Justice, and that Yousaf is extremely lucky that his Taxi was fitted with GPS tracking device because it recorded the exact route he had taken.

The GPS device showed that Yousaf took Hood straight home without ever stopping.

Both men had to strip and give intimate samples for the case.

Yousaf said he had tears in his eyes when he had to get naked in front of another man to give samples for the case.

No physical evidence of rape was found, and both men were cleared of wrongdoing.

Yousaf, a married father, said rape was:

most disgusting thing that anyone can be accused of.

Hood when asked to give an explanation said:

“I wish I could explain why something so clear in my head… obviously it can’t be true.”

Hood will be sentenced on August 1st.

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 6:40 am

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