A white woman with zero medical experience, who isn’t a doctor or anything of the sort, went to Africa to play savior and performed medical procedures on Ugandan children. More than 100 children died.

In 2010 a white woman named Nikki raised money created a fundraiser, raised enough money to go to Uganda and volunteered in a town called Jinja for 3 months.

She received money from her family friends, and random people online so she could go to Africa and “save children”. She was 18, and continued her stay in Jinja after co-founding an organization called “Serving His Children”.

Nikki wrote about her story and experiences when she was there on her “Medium” blog page under the name “No white Saviors”, and wrote about a woman named Renee Bach who she met there.

When Nikki arrived, she saw many more white women just like her doing the same thing. They were around the age of 18 as well, some older and with no education, no degrees, no experience, and were starting random organizations all on their own and “saving” children.

Nikki looked at them and thought to herself, “if they can, why not me”. She later Co-founded an organization called “Serving his children”, with a bachelor’s degree and no experience.

She met with another white woman called Renee Bach. She said it wasn’t until 2014, because of Renee Bach, that her perspective on all they were doing was about to change. She wrote:

There was a child referred to our center who had previously been at Serving His Children (SHC). He and his Grandmother stayed with us for several months while he received much needed medical care. The day after we had received some good news about his heart condition, he died of a sudden heart attack. His 3-year-old body had been through a great deal of stress and it had finally given out.

We found out that this little boy had suffered a severe case of malnutrition and was brought to Renee’s NGO in Masese. They got him fat and healthy and then sent him home without so much as any consideration for the root cause of his malnutrition. There was no follow up, so he fell sick again, so sick that his body was not able to come back from it this time.

Nikki says she was frustrated with Renee, and told her and her team to do better follow ups in the future, telling her “if she [Renee] had training or experience in child welfare, she’d know how critical it is to follow up on cases like this”. Nikki then continued on to say that from then on her “concern” grew into “terror”. She wrote:

I learned that the poor follow-up procedures were far from the most dangerous thing happening at Serving His Children. It was reported by multiple parties that Renee was actively practicing medicine on children that came to the center. She had medical professionals on staff but she herself, with no medical training, chose to actively treat and respond to serious medical needs of children in crisis.

Blog posts from Renee Bach’s website that’s now deletes, was recovered later on, and here’s a screenshot of it:

Renee also had an extreme white savior complex, posting this picture of herself online

The room was covered wall to wall with photos of malnourished children.

With absolutely no experience, one of Reene’s blog posts reads:

“I hooked the baby up to oxygen and got to work….As I took her temperature, started an IV, checked her blood sugar, tested for malaria, and looked at her HB count… I was attempting to diagnose the many problems that could potentially be at hand…After doing a search for blood around Jinja town, we found her type and it was a match! We started the transfusion…”

It’s reported by former staff and volunteers that worked under Renee that the above post is nothing compared to much of the other medical procedures and experiments she did on countless other children. The people in Uganda were lead to believe she was a trained medical practitioner.

She would take children from actual hospitals where they were being cared for and experiment on them, and would say she enjoys the hands on experience.

It’s reported that when the families of the children who died would report her to the heads of organization in the U.S, it would do nothing, because the board of the organization she started consisted of only her family and friends, who would find a way to make all the negative complaints against her disappear.

In 2015 the District Health Officer had closed her facility and ordered her not to offer any treatment to any child.

Nikki writes:

After SHC (Serving his children) shut down in 2015, many of us hoped that there would finally be justice for all of the families who had children die at the center under Renee’s care. We were wrong. Up until now, there has not been a full investigation into the evidence provided to authorities here in Uganda. While we are holding Ms. Bach and SHC accountable first, we also must ask why the authorities who should have held her accountable failed to do so.

Nikki wrote about her experience in  September 29, 2018 on Medium(x)

Renee has now been taken to court in January 2019, and was last appeared in court in March. Two women, Ms. Gimbo Brenda and Ms. Kakai Annet, who say they’ve lost their children to Renee Bach have taken action.

They say that Renee Bach lead them to believe she was an actual doctor after she started her organization, and was often seen wear a white coat and a stethoscope around her neck, calling her organization a “medical facility”.

The lawsuit states that more than hundred of children have lost their lives to the actions of Renee Bach and her organization called “Women’s Probono Initiative”. The lawsuit states that because of the lack of procedure, it’s unknown the exact amount of children that died under her hand.

The complainants are asking that the organizations all be shut down, and that general damages be awarded to the complaining families.

Ms. Gumbo said:

‘There are procedural and regulatory mechanisms that ought to be followed when establishing a medical facility in Uganda. Even so the law provides for licensing agencies and protocols for who should practice medicine in Uganda. It is unacceptable, narcissistic behavior, for any one, black or white, rich or poor, missionary or angel to pass off as a ‘medical practitioner’ when they are not.

Nikki updates everyone on her Twitter about the proceedings:

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:39 pm

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