A white teenager was caught trying to rape a little black girl in the bathroom

Police are investigating a video of a white teen caught trying to rxpe a 6-year-old black girl in the bathroom.

The incident took place at a Wimpy restaurant in Mooinooi in North West province in South Africa.

A video shows the boy caught, and trying to explain himself to an adult and the mother of the girl who caught him what he was doing.


In the video that has now gone viral on social media, a woman is gripping him by the arm and asking him to explain what he did, he says:

“She [the little girl] asked me to do it,”

When the woman asks, and he responds:

“To kiss her!”

The teen had reportedly had the girl locked in the bathroom while he tried to sexually assault her.

Here’s the video:

The boy can be seen pleading not to call the police, and making contradicting statement.

People in South Africa who commented on the video say this is something that usually happens as white teens try to rxpe little black girls, and that it’s becoming common as some get away with it

Police have confirmed that they’ve opened a case.



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